About Jessica

A Gift

Arguably, I’ve been different from birth. I was born at 11:11 PM, but according to doctors, should not have been born at all: my mother was on radioactive medication at the time of my conception. No fewer than five doctors begged my parents to abort me, but my folks had me anyway, and I was none the worse for wear…with a few peculiarities! I took seeing auras for granted, thinking everyone saw them, but shut them off at age 15 when I finally realized it made me different, and therefore weird. (I didn’t see auras again until I was 35.) I’d also glimpsed individuals going about their daily lives who, when I glanced away and back, ceased to exist. At age 7, I asked my mom what happened to a blonde lady with an orange backpack standing on the sidewalk a second before. When Mom noted my overactive imagination, I never mentioned “disappearing people” again.


In the last few years I’ve discovered the full scope of my abilities: I see auras and occasionally view people others can’t, but depending on the situation, I can also see, hear, smell, taste, and interact with energy and individuals with messages for seekers and loved ones.

An Awakening

Like so many in the United States, I was raised in a high-demand religion. It wasn’t until my early 30’s I really began to question what I’d been taught, and discover things I never imagined possible…things that changed my entire worldview. Walking away from my childhood faith was one of the most difficult things I have EVER done: I lost almost my entire support network by simply speaking my truth. Thankfully, my husband and children were incredibly supportive, understanding, and ultimately in full agreement, enabling our little family to honor our individual and collective authenticity.


Now, just a few years after leaving my religion, the time has come to speak a new truth: I am a Psychic Medium. Up until about a year ago, that’s not something I would have shared with anyone…let alone EVERYONE. I’d gone from religious to atheist, to now simply skeptical. I can’t explain where my gifts originated or how they work – I only know they do! – so I’ve devoted my time to learning all I can about the world, reserve judgment on spiritual matters, and communicate only what I receive as I receive it.

Giving Back

As I’ve sought direction this last half-decade, I’ve relied on science, history, and incontrovertible evidence to see me through. No one – I mean NO ONE – is more of a skeptic when it comes to the fantastical…and yet, it is impossible to ignore what’s happened to me, or deny things come to me about people’s lives I could not otherwise know.


It’s time to make a choice: keep my abilities to myself until science proves their efficacy, or share what I’m able to do with those in need – openly and without reserve – hoping to someday understand HOW I do what I do.


For me, there is only one option:  my inner Humanist has taken the lead, with my inner Skeptic looking over her shoulder. I’ve learned to communicate in trajectories, to trust the information passed along to me, and to offer much-needed guidance, insight, and even closure to those who seek it.


I am grateful. I am ready. I look forward to making a difference.